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The yellow pages are the print advertising backbone of many ad campaigns. Those dog-eared directories are still one of the best ways to reach a national audience for either business services or retail sales. The purpose of yellowpageblues is to help advertisers navigate the complexities of local and national yellow page placement.

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Yellow PagesIn the multi-billion dollar market of yellow page advertising and direct sales, you, the advertiser, are often forgotten. Given the amount of money that businesses spend in the yellow pages, itís amazing how little control even large companies have over this major advertising medium. 

To level the playing field between you and the yellow page publisher, you need information.  But accurate, unbiased information about the yellow pages is hard to come by.  Thatís where yellowpageblues can help. 

Our team of experts, with more than  50 years of experience in directory placement, is making available its insights and anecdotes through this website and through detailed consultations.


Both the website and interactive help of yellowpageblues are independent services created for local and national business advertisers who seek to optimize their advertising expenditures.

Of course, we do have a vested interest. Feel free to hire us to advise you on yellow page placements, and/or other print directories. But whether or not you choose to hire us, it is our hope that the information contained in our website will help you to be a better advertiser in the yellow pages.

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